Steve Long is a Florida based nature photographer specializing in the macro photography of insects.   He began photographing insects in 2013 as a hobby after seeing up-close pictures of these amazing animals.  Since that time, he has studied with world-class nature photographers such as Alex Wild, John Abbott and Thomas Shahan, developing his own unique style and interests.  His photography has won several awards and has been featured at the ENSOC photo salon and in several publications.   Several working scientists have also utilized his photos in their work. 

Phidipus Regius – Regal Jumping Spider

Long says, “Photographing nature is almost magical for me.  Too many times we fail to see what is around us, and so we can’t appreciate it.  When you look at creatures through the camera lens up close and personal, you begin to fully realize the miracle of nature.”

He has an earned Ph.D. in philosophy from Marquette University and is near completion of a Doctor of Education in  Educational Leadership from the University of the Cumberlands.  He has held numerous administrative and teaching positions at universities and currently is an adjunct professor of philosophy at Barry University.  He also served as a pastor for many years.